August 2004
Our Crocs' Lives Watched From Space

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Sunshine Coast Daily 11 August 2004


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, page 6, Wednesday 11th August, 2004

The movement patterns of north Queensland crocodiles has been tracked from space in a world-first project.

Environment minister John Mickel said the project, involving the satellite-tracking of large estuarine crocodiles, had exploded some myths about crocodile behaviour and was changing management and conservation practices in Queensland.

Mr Mickel and the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, unveiled the finding of the Crocs in Space research project at Australia Zoo yesterday.

“The partnership involving the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS), Australia Zoo and the University of Queensland has uncovered new facts about how crocodiles use their habitat,” Mr Mickel said. “Until the research began, little was known about the movement patterns of crocodiles. “After 10 months of research we have a greater understanding of how large estuarine crocodiles which are the most likely in interact with people, behave in different habitats and how far they travel which has implications for management.”

Mr Mickel said Australia Zoo’s contribution had transformed a small but meaningful study into a major research project of world-wide significance.