Australia Zoo has two specialised holding facilities. A Deep Water enclosure (DW) and the International Crocodile Rescue (ICR).

International Crocodile Rescue (ICR)

The ICR is a highly sophisticated, multi pond complex with specialised filtration, heating and sterilisation systems. The facility covers nine hundred square metres with eight ponds of varying sizes and two banks of heating and filtration equipment. This complex was designed to accommodate both small and large crocodiles in a highly controlled environment. We can set the temperature to whatever suits the individual rescued crocodile.

Diagram of complex

Two very large enclosures with a total surface area of 156m square:

  • pond surface area of 56 m2
  • grassed area of 100 m2
One of two large holding ponds, designed
to accommodate mature crocodiles.

Two large enclosures with total surface area of 125m square pond:

  • surface area of 37.5 m2
  • grassed area of 87.5 m2
A smaller enclosure designed for sub-adult
crocodiles. Our enclosures provide animals
adequate area to sun, as well as
shade to escape the heat.

Two medium enclosures with two very large enclosures with total surface area of 94 m2:

  • pond area of 56 m2
  • grassed area of 38 m2
Another smaller enclosure currently
housing a female Saltwater Crocodile.

Two small enclosures with two very large enclosures with total surface area of 75m2:

  • pond area of 12.5 m2
  • grassed area of 62.5 m2
This holding facility is currently occupied by
3 juvenile Freshwater Crocodiles.
This enclosure is securely fenced providing
protection from larger animals that
may be housed next door.
Pond designs
The holding enclosures have ponds with varying water depth, plenty of land area for crocodiles to either bask in the sun or lay in the shade, secure brick, wooden or wire fences and very large gates. This allows the crocodiles to find areas where they are most comfortable at varying times of the day and night, while providing a secure environment with quick and easy vehicle access.
Diagram of typical pond
Water quality controls:

It has taken us years of trials to now have the ultimate croc heating system. Heaters of various sizes monitor and adjust the water temperature in the ponds. The heaters are made of stainless steel and feature titanium heat exchangers. A stable 30°C is maintained at all times.

One of the two banks of heaters.

Large sand filters are used to remove any suspended solids from the water. This reduces the amount of time keepers are required to spend inside enclosures to keep the water clean. This reduces stress on animals that have come from the wild.

A twin filtration system.

We use one horsepower self-priming pumps to circulate the water through the filtration, sterilisation and heating system.

A medium sized circulation pump.
Sterilization equipment

An integrated chlorination and Ph control system automatically sterilises the pond water. Good water quality ensures that the animals remain healthy and that there behaviour can be properly observed.

Sterilisation injection unit.
A female Crocodile Wendy, basking in the
sun at the edge of her pond. Wendy was
named after our good friend and Animal
Planet producer, Wendy L. Douglas.
Our ultimate goal to perpetuate the health and vitality of wild caught crocodiles. And they just love it.